Part 1, Trim-Advisor for Charterers

With the increased oil prices and higher daily hire rates, careful voyage planning and execution will save you significant sums of money. Not only will time save money, but fuel efficiency as well. At the same time you are reducing your environmental footprint. A win-win for everybody.

In this article we will focus more on how you can save on your fuel bill. As a ship owner, but also as a Charterer, which is often seen as a hot potato.

How does it actually come, fuel savings are not fully explored by Charterers?

  1. First and foremost, Charterers focus on the performance guarantees they get from their Owners, outlined in the Charter Party. They calculate and compare various ships and valuate them. As long as the vessel performs in accordance with the C/P, they are happy with it.
  2. Most shipping knowledge sits with the Owners. Ex-Captains & Chief Engineers are normally there fleet managers. They work and protect Owners interests agains allegations made by Charterers when they belief the performance guarantee is not met. Charterers with an ex-Captain are rare, with engineers even less. The lack of know-how is paying a significant part in not exploring there options in full.
  3. Another interesting point is that Charterers normally do not invest in Owners assets. Investments are beneficial for Charterers only for the duration of the Charter Party and after that, the Owner will use this argument to collect a higher Freight-rate and/or daily hire, or even worse, Charter their vessel out to the competition, making use of their investment.

Until recently, apart from selecting a reputable weather routing agency, making a proper bunker planning and selecting the most eco-friendly ships, there was not much a Charterer could do to achieve savings in relation to their fuel bill.

Rensmarine acknowledges this dilemma, based on their own experience and knowledge. Having served at one of the leading commodity traders in the world, operating a significant fleet of Voyage- and Time Chartered dry-bulk vessels, Rensmarine fully understand this catch-22 situation and came up with a solution.

Simpel, easy to use and beneficial for all parties. With the short pay-back period and high return on invest, the first optimum trim solution for Charterers. Our solution is not only quick (if we have all the info we have it ready within 48 hours), also usable on any type of vessel. Making it extremely usable for Charterers, being it Spot, 1 TCT or long period. Once we have the data, subsequent voyages, if needed, could even be created within 12 hours.

Apart from this unique feature, we took the next step as well, again, the first in the industry. Optimum trim is not static. Optimum trim also depends on the wave height. Rensmarine has incorporated the maximum wave height into their optimum trim advisories. This means that the Captain knows how long he can use that advise. In case the weather deteriorates, we can provide him with a new advise, again, seeking the most optimum condition.

As you can see, Rensmarine is continuously improving and innovating new ways and techniques for you as Charterer to reduce your environmental footprint and at the same reducing your cost. Remember, these savings are bottom line savings, with minimal investments and resources.

Convinced or like to know more, contact us, we are happy to jointly look how we can assist you in achieving your goals and targets, by sending us an email ( or call us (+31 10 340 0 240).