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About Us

Rensmarine offers commercial, operational, nautical & technical management support to Owners, Charterers, Banks, Operators & other marine service providers in order to optimize their processes & revenues, mitigate risks and add expertise to their organization through unparalleled service and support.

Our History

The idea for optimum trim was born years ago, when 2 sister ships were sailing the same route at exactly the same time with the same destination, draft and speed. At that time it was the early days when people started thinking about optimizing fuel consumption, amongst others ways to reduce cost. Whilst working for a large trading house, it turned out optimum trim solutions are expensive, take a long time to develop and required often hardware installations. Not something a Charterer would like to start using. As a result, Rensmarine started to develop a solution which was cost effective, fast to develop and without hardware installation. In 2016 this resulted in Trim-Advisor.

Our Vision

Rensmarine’s motto is “savings through operational excellence”. This is why we strongly believe in our product. Trim-Advisor is based on the most recent studies that optimum trim is not a static value. Both actual speed through the water as well as the actual sea state plays a vital role when determine the optimum trim condition. Apart from selling a product, we also sell our service and expertise. For instance, we will contact the vessel to obtain all relevant info, taking the burden away from you. But also, if a Captain is not comfortable, we will ensure he will become comfortable and use the product in order for you to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Some facts about our service
500 +
# contracted ships
4.67 %
Average savings
< 12 hrs
Avg time to create advise
89 %
Positive feedback

Pricing Table

Single Voyage Advise

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Perfect for Charterers

Weather routing integration

$Contact us
Meteogroup's SPOS 9 is required

Optimum Ballast

$Contact us
Ideal for Owners and long term charterers

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