For who?

Trim-Advisor can be used in several ways. For each purpose we have a solution. Although anybody can use it in any form or shape, trim-Advisor has identified the following

main user groups:

  • Ship Charterers
    Charterers normally select Trim-Advisor for a single voygae advice or, in case of Time Charterers for a longer period, they also like to use our optimum ballast analyse. These advises are given in PDF format and thus easy to send to the vessels. Our team of experts are trained to guide the Master on how to use it and how to overcome their resistance some Masters may have.
  • Ship Operators and/or Pool Operators
    (Pool) operators can also use Trim-advisor as a single voyage solution or in an integrated way. Our team of experts can help you to assist and select the method of integration (XML/JSON uploads or via API) to any integration partner. Our integration documentation allows your partner to have Trim-Advisor up and running in a matter of days only.
  • Ship Owners
    Ship Owners can use any of the above mentioned solutions. Mostly our Ship Owners uses us through DTN/Meteogroups’ SPOS9. A short video can be seen here.

Thanks to it’s methodology, Trim-Advisor can keep the cost low, whilst the setup is quick. This makes it extremely useful not only for Ship Owners, but even more so for Charterers. It is a cost effective, turn key solution and can be used on any type of ship.

Today, IMO’s focuses on environment friendly designed ships but will soon shift to also impact the operational aspects of running the ships. Not only for Ship Owners, but certainly also for Ship Charterers. Carbon Tax, Hull fouling and other convention and measures are looming on the horizon. Trim-Advisor will be a tool which is unique as it is one of the first solutions which actually helps non-vessel Owners to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions. This way you will not only satisfy authorities, but in fact all stakeholders in- and outside your organization.

Convinced or want to know more? Contact us today and we will be happy to tell you more about.